Our company leverages data, competition and volume through an electronic request for proposal process.  Our database of SKUs and specifications are utilized to benchmark the capital equipment price quote received by a facility against best prices in the marketplace and then negotiate the final price on behalf of the facility.  On average, we identify 18% in savings opportunities.

Performer Elite Services
Performer Elite is a subscription based service designed to help facilities achieve best pricing on all capital equipment purchases. Our process encompasses all equipment, including non-clinical equipment categories such as physical therapy, dietary and environmental services.

Electronic Request For Proposal (eRFP)
Price Benchmarking (PriceGuard)
Capital Budget Review
Other Tools
Procurement Consulting & Development
Our consulting division offers customized capital equipment procurement policies and procedures designed to centralize control within supply chain, streamline the budgeting process and capture best value. Medical facilities are asset intensive organizations, and technology is changing faster than ever before. Efficient business processes can minimize equipment purchase and maintenance costs, while ensuring the highest quality environment of care.