Cortland Regional Medical Center signed with Capital and Construction Services powered by MEMdata for Performer Elite to drive capital acquisition savings.  Cortland is a non-profit, 162-bed acute care facility with an attached 80-bed residential care facility in Cortland, NY.  One of the first projects worked on was an MRI. We brought all vendors to the table and identified a potential savings of $800,000 for that item.  Cortland has submitted dozens of projects to us that have resulted in an ROI in excess of 20:1.  

Valley Health System signed with Capital and Construction Services powered by MEMdata to gain visibility to their equipment acquisitions.  Linear Accelerator acquisitions are inherently complex. As such, we ran a full eRFP engaging all Linear Accelerator manufacturers on behalf of the facility.  We were able to provide savings of $307,000, 13% off the original cost of their incumbent vendor. 

Boys Town partnered with us as part of their relationship with Prairie Health Ventures.  In one year, Boys Town has submitted over 100 projects.  They have utilized 82% of the savings our company has identified.  Located in Omaha, NE, the hospital annually serves more than 44,000 children and families from across the United States.

In an effort to meet the demands on its active surgical center, Doctor's Community Hospital decided to add 3 new OR rooms to its existing facility. By utilizing our comprehensive Equipment Planning services for the expansion, over $500,000 in savings was identified, and 94% of the equipment budget was matched to their GPO contracts.

Premier ER Plus signed with us as a strategic partner to assist with building multiple freestanding ERs.  Capital and Construction Services powered by MEMdata is providing full equipment planning and procurement services for a series of ER builds across the region.