We are a medical equipment planning and procurement support consulting firm for Hospitals, Health Systems, and Federal Medical Facilities.

 We offer a comprehensive set of services, software and solutions designed to streamline equipment planning and procurement.



Why Capital and Construction Services

Customer Focus

We are here to serve you and make your project a success.

Change Management

We understand the speed and complexity of equipment planning and procurement.


We have years of experience working with capital equipment planning and pricing, so we know how to deliver.

Savings Oriented

We use data, competition and volume to drive savings for your organization.

Project Management

Project Management is the critical component of a successful equipment planning engagement.

Innovative Solutions

The combination of equipment planning paired with procurement services is unique to our company.

Increased Bandwith

Specialized services designed to drive savings and efficiency.

VR Capabilities

We are leveraging the latest developments in Virtual Reality to help you envision and design your project from the start.

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Case Studies